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As The Hart Panteth Ministries
As The Hart Panteth Ministries is a registered non-profit 501c3 and was founded in June of 2004. "The Hart" is a Christian supported ministry that is concerned with the needs and the lives of the people of God. Since the inception of this ministry, it has serviced the community with:

*telephone prayer line
*biblical counseling
*life mentoring support coach
* teaching life skills and  role model

We are here to help you on the right road of "wisdom and know how" through faith in God, by the word of God and through his son Jesus The Christ .
This ministry also serves as a referral service for life service support that is needed on a daily basis, i.e. shelters for the homeless, The Salvation Army (and its various program availability), medical transportation, Wise Women Center of Essex County College, Domestic Violence Hot line and an array of information that is designed to be a blessing to you and for you.  God wants His people to be at peace and in His providential care in the area of finances, free from bondage, free from abuse whatever the circumstance God will take care of you.  But it's up to you how free you want be and to what extent will you go to be free.  Make the right decision to get yourself where God will have you.  Call 973-481-3001or e-mail
mysoulpanteth@gmail.com.  We can also be reached at Post Office Box 7218, Newark, New Jersey 07107.  And remember Psalm 42:1 reads "As the hart (deer) panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee O, God."
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