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Reverend Valerie (Scott) Lewis is a native of Newark, New Jersey.  She has been a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ since July 2001, when she preached her trial sermon and was then licensed at New Hope Baptist Church of East Orange, New Jersey under the leadership of Reverend Dwight D. Gill;  and was ordained as Reverend on July 10, 2010 under the tutelage of Reverend John K. White, Pastor of New Salem Baptist Church (NSBC) in Newark, NJ.   She is an anointed intercessor and prayer warrior of the people of God. Psalm 42:1, her favorite scripture,  inspired her to begin “As the Hart Panteth Ministry," where the concern for people is demonstrated through prayer, encouragement, and old fashion love.  "When you have a thirst for God you also have a loving concern for your fellow brother and sister regardless of who they are, because they are God's children and we all have that one specific need and that is to love and be loved," says Lewis.  Valerie's affiliation is with
N SBC.  She held the position of associate pastor; she is the founder of  Bride of Christ Women's Ministry; and, she served as its first 'spiritual leader ' to the women of New Salem.   She is a former member of the United Chaplin International Worldwide Outreach Inc.   She has coordinated women's retreats and has been the keynote speaker for various events.   She is doing her pastoral degree at the Eastern Theological Seminary of Wynnewood, Pennsylvania.   In 2007, Valerie completed a forty-hour certificate training course on domestic violence at Essex County College in Newark and plans to take an additional study relative to the batterer/abuser. Lewis’ belief is that "it is evident the batterer/abuser has some unresolved issues that really need to be addressed, and in order for that to be done there has to be an understanding as to how and why a person turns to aggressive behavior to get control of what they think they want." Valerie Lewis says her goal “is to someday have a home for displaced women who have become lost in the world; to give them a start at life or starting over at life, regardless of the circumstances of how they got to where they are.  There is still a need.   And there is nothing like the demonstration that comes from a loving God to help build their self-esteem, self-knowledge, learning to love one's self; empowered in knowing you can go on and make it by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and faith through prayer.”  She notes:  Jesus said to his disciples "freely you have received, freely give.”  Reverend Valerie Lewis is in the process of writing her first book on healing and meditation for the lost and longing soul.  
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